Which careers am I cut out for?

Before deciding your career, you need to know what you would be good at and what potential you have. This is where psychometric tests are useful as they provide objective information about you, which is difficult to obtain any other way.

Psychometric tests and questionnaires measure your aptitudes, style and motivation. They are administered in a standardised way to reduce the effect of variables such as where you take the test, at what time and under what conditions. They produce numerical scores which are then interpreted by a qualified person.

Guidance the "Vocare" way

The guidance system used by Vocare is a combination of a specially designed interest questionnaire with either the Morrisby Profile or the Morrisby online assessment system.

The Morrisby Profile

The Morrisby Profile is a psychometric test which is used by a large number of schools and guidance professionals. It is a series of assessments which together provide details on your abilities and the sort of work setting that would suit you best.

The assessments are not like exams, so there is no pass or fail and there's no need for any special preparation or revision. The test papers are designed to be easily read and there are no trick questions.

The Morrisby Profile takes just over three hours with a short break in the middle.

For Morrisby Profile practice questions

For any questions about taking the Morrisby Profile

The Morrisby Profile Report

We produce for you a personal and detailed report. Over 16 pages we illustrate your responses to the Questionnaire and the results of your Morrisby Profile assessment.

We tell you about your abilities and work style and we may also highlight some talents that you may not yet have had the opportunity to develop.

We also search our database of more than 700 jobs and list the 12 that match your details and abilities most closely.

A Looking Forward Appendix identifies your most appropriate A level subjects and HE courses.

 Morrisby Online

Morrisby online is a series of psychometric assessments online. This system too has been designed to assess the direction your aptitudes and interests and the assessments are completed on the internet.

As soon as you have completed the online assessments you will be to able to see your results.
A revolutionary "Career mixer" will allow you to personalise these results according to your preferences and motivations.

Suggestions on suitable careers, subjects and HE and FE courses will be clearly identified for you on the site after the assessments. 

You will be able to download a PDF report from the site immediately after the session.

Personal Interview

Which ever system you decide to use you will be invited by your Adviser to discuss your results and follow up the employment and course suggestions we made for you along with any other jobs you may also be considering.

You can follow up and research all our suggestions on this dedicated site. You can also complete an online questionnaire to help you find the right HE or FE course. 

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